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After we presented the achievements and impressions of our visit to our collegues and the students of the Bismarck School, a local newspaper of Nürnberg wrote an article about our partnership.


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Club Partnership St. Peter Igihozo and Bismarckschool in Nuremberg

Our “Club partnership St. Peter Igihozo and Bismarckschool”…

When we met our friends from St. Peter Igihozo in October 2013 we decided to found clubs in both schools to intensify the exchange. We want to discuss a specific topic every school year to broaden our knowledge about each others’ culture, history, games, problems, dances, ideas, thoughts etc.
So in the beginning of the year 2014 a small club called “Club partnership St. Peter Igihozo – Bismarckschool” was founded. Since then five students from 12 to 15 years meet at irregular intervals to learn about our partnership and talk about our first official topic: how to deal with globalization. We found out that it’s not easy to deal with a topic like this in English (we don’t talk English at school besides our English lessons!), but we’ll do our best and will publish our results as soon as we can!